Two automatically created variables with the same name causing problems

Aug 31, 2016

The Results2.ScorePoints is always coming up as 0, but the Results2.ScorePercent is displaying correctly. 

I have two Results2.ScorePoints variables appearing in my varible list and I think this may be messing up the information displayed on the results slide.  Any suggestions on a fix? 

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Kevin Thorn

What Phil said. The four "Result." variables generated when a Results Slide is added are system variables and cannot be deleted or used to calculate against other variables. 

Some of the issues I've seen people attempt is renaming the system variables in an attempt to combine the values with other calculations. While you 'can' edit the name of those system variables, as soon as you do it breaks.

Even if you delete a Results Slide, the system variables remain as Phil mentioned. His suggestion is a great workaround if you mistakenly added a Results Slide you don't need - move it to a 'dummy' Scene.

The only other option (which is not feasible most of the time) is to start over and map out your structure in Story View first.

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