I need help with the triggers for the results slide

I can get my results slde to work the way I want, except I would like to take my score points and divide them by 10 to get my results, I am not a programmer and don't know how to do this in JavaScript. If you could tell me what I need to do after I type in  (%Results2.scorepoints% points) in order to make it divide this score by 10, please let me know.

(%Results2.ScorePoints% points) divided by 10

(%Results2.ScorePoints% points) /10

or does it have something to do with the variables?




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Gerry Wasiluk

Russ Still said:

Speaking of which, it would be really nice if SL had two numeric types. Instead of just "number", we really need "integer" and "real". When you start doing math and displaying results, you'll see why.

(Hey, Russ--I just can't resist with this.)  "Just get real." 

Commence face palm . . .