Which variable belongs to which results slide?

May 01, 2019

Hi all,

in a course with multiple result slides, I need to make sure that I use the correct Variable reference on each Result slide. But how do I know which variable belongs to which results slide, so the correct score/points are displayed when the user takes a test? I can't discover the logic behind the result slide variables, I got Results, Results2, Results6, Results7, Results8, Results10, Results13 all in one course. 


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Sara Swier

Hi Wendy,
Thank you for your answer. The problem is that I've been playing around with it too much, sometimes copying all elements on a result slide and pasting them on another result slide.  By doing so, I also copied the triggers which are attached to those elements to the second result slide. 
And now I do not know any more which variable belongs to which result slide. Is there a way to check which belongs to which, without having to delete the existing result slides and create new ones? They contain a LOT of triggers, elements and navigational things and I do not want to make mistakes when doing it all over again :(

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sara

you should be able to assign the result slide variables manually then.  Just make sure you don't reuse a variable.


take the first result slide and use results.xx variables in the text box that displays on slide and the triggers.

take the next result slide and use results1.xx variables etc

take the next result slide and use results2.xx 

That should work 

Wendy Farmer
Jen McDonald

How can I tell which results variables apply to each results slide?

Hi Jen

It shouldn't matter as long as each set of variables is only assigned to one result slide and those are the variables that are displayed on the result slide.

Sounds like you have multiple result slides...just give it a go with one to test.

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