Two "Disabled" states for one check box

Hi everybody,

does somebody know if there is a way to have to "Disabled"-states for one check box?

I want to give learners feedback to questions they have already answered, so I am setting text boxes to either right or wrong depending on the answer given by the learner. Questions which aren't answered yet, shouldn't be allowed to be cklicked on and the mouse pointer shouldn't indicate by changing that one could click the check box. Despite I wand these check boxes to look as they are greyed out. I am already using the built in state "disabled" for the question which is currently viewed and this shouldn't look as if it's faded, so it is not an option to use that state again.

Can somebody help me please?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jessica

if I  understand the user will never be clicking those checkboxes, you are controlling them. See attached I placed a transparent shape over the top of the checkboxes so they can't be clicked - then you can create whatever format for the states you want.

Hope that helps

Jessica Koehler

Hi Crystal,

the transparent shape was there and lay over the whole lot of the check boxes and it worked. Then suddenly it didn't work anymore, it was there but it didn't prevent me from clicking at the boxes and change them e.g. from unselected to selected.

Maybe it now works again, but I want to be sure it'll work still when my customer will be given the project.
Thus the reason I ask how I could duplicate the behaviour of the diabled state.