Two Part Question: Courses not loading and automatic numbering

We use HealthStream in our organization and starting in January we have converted almost all of our courses to Storyline. We are a pretty large organization and have several thousand employees so there is always that potential for computers to be set up slightly differently. But we do know that the computers should all have the required version of Flash and Internet Explorer, as well as the OS requirements. 

We've had a number of employees who have trouble launching courses from within our LMS. When they click the link, the window opens but it just cycles and the course never appears. I have confirmed it's not the course, as I can see them fine on my computer. 

Aside from I.T. having to look at each of these computers separately, is there anything that I could be doing differently from the publishing side of things to help alleviate this?

Another question, which is regarding number of slides. In the past, our CBLs were all just static slides and we used the course window provided through HealthStream, which included a window that showed X of X so the user knew exactly how many slides were in a course. Since we use Storyline's player, I have not seen an option within the software or in HealthStream to allow our users to see the number of slides. Aside from manually typing in slide numbers, do you have any suggestions to help with this? I can see why this might cause frustration - if a user only has so long to work on a course, it would be really nice for them to see the # of slides up front. 

Look forward to your suggestions/ideas!!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kari,

I can't think of anything else from the publishing side of things, especially if some users are able to open the course - so I'd have you IT team look at the viewing requirements mentioned here for Storyline and also see if there is anything specific for your LMS. 

In regards to the slide number, there isn't a built in way to add that within Storyline, and a lot of people use a method of displaying a variable within the slide since the course may be non-linear, and therefore the user can visit slides in any order, and see X out of 50 slides or however you'd like to set it up. With that being said, I imagine there have also been a few feature requests to add the slide numbering feature to Storyline so if you'd like to share your thoughts as well please feel free to submit them here.