Could low available computer memory cause problems with course slides "freezing"

Please help!  The course was developed in Articulate Storyline 2 and tests perfectly and many employees have no problem getting through it.  However, about 1/3 of our users report problems with getting stuck on slides (i.e. the Next button doesn't display).  The course is accessed through our LMS, which is a web application running in a browser window.  IT says the issue is that many of our employees have low available memory on their computers and said we should instruct users to clear cache and browser histories, restart their computers, and not open applications such as MS Outlook while completing this course. 

Does this seem right to y'all?  It's awfully inconvenient for our employees and creating a negative user experience.  If low available computer memory does seem like the likely cause, is there anything I can do from a development standpoint to mitigate the problems?  Thanks so much! 


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