two text variables entered before can advance to new slide

Aug 01, 2013

I have a slide that asks for first and last name, using text variables.  I have a next button that's original state is hidden.  I want the next button's state to be normal when both of the names are entered.  Can someone help me with this?

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Josh Uhlig

You could accomplish this with an endless loop between 2 empty layers.  The base layer would have your text entry fields and a next button, and the 2 additional empty layers would have 2 triggers each.  One would be attached to the start of the timeline (when timeline starts) and change the next button state to visible if the values of the 2 text entry variables were 'not equal' to null.  The second trigger would 'show layer' (the opposite empty layer) 'when timeline ends'.  The base layer would also need a trigger to initially call on one of the empty layers (to begin the loop).  You would of course want the 2 empty layers to have a very short timeline (maybe half a second).  The two layers will then constantly call on each other, and as a result, the first trigger will keep checking if the variables have been filled in.

The only issue I see is that a user will need to either hit the enter key or click outside of the text entry field before it registers that a value was entered.  That would be easy enough to put in the instructions though.

Attached is a sample of what I was thinking.

Alan Landers

Thanks, Josh.  I don't know if that would work in this case.

Here's a little more detail.... The two text entry fields are the second slide in on a large story.  I don't want anyone to advance without entering their names.  My thoughts were to create a "next" button that would appear and take the learner into the story, but only after the learner enters the data.

I found a post by Phil Mayor that seemed to be my answer (  but I couldn't get it to work.  Once I get this done I can create a certificate page and the project will be complete.  I'd really like to do that.

Phil Mayor

Hi Alan

here is a rough demo, the first slide does what you want, but for the trigger to work you need to click out of the box

the second one has a submit button to allow the varaible to update.

this is because text entry field update when the control loses focus all the "submit button" does is make the conytrol lose focus

hope this helps


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