Two triggers for the Next button

Sep 03, 2013


Can I create two triggers for the Next button?

I have enabled the Next button only when the learner visits all the tabs on the slide.

The second trigger is to make an arrow appear above the Next button in order to inform the learner that the Next button in now enabled and he can proceed to the next slide by clicking it.


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Harri S

Hi Rohit,

Yes this is possible, you will need two different triggers.

Trigger 1 - to disable then enable the next button

jump to slide X when user clicks next if all tabs are== visited (using a visited state for them will make life easier)

Trigger 2 - showing the arrow

Insert the arrow and change it's default state to hidden. Then add a trigger saying change state of arrow to normal when all tabs are == state visited  

Hope that helps,

Rohit Manjrekar

Thanks Harri!

This works well when I use the arrow as a shape.

I forgot to mention that I am using an animated arrow (swf format). Inserted it as a layer and set a trigger to make it appear when all tabs are visited. The one thing I was missing earlier was that I needed to set the "Allow Seeking" option to "Yes" within the layer settings and it worked.

Thanks again ...

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