Ugly Grey Line With Picture From File

Jan 08, 2021


I keep getting this grey 'border' around images I bring in. Many of the images I use have white backgrounds, and as you can see from the attached photo, Storyline gives them this grey border?

Any workaround? Been going on for years now.


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Katie Wattenbarger

You can remove the gray border by using Storyline to crop the image on all sides. If the image is too close to the edge to crop, I use Photoshop to enlarge the canvas size so that I can use Storyline to crop it back to its original size.

This is a really frustrating and time consuming workaround! I'm attaching a .story showing the gray line (on both a .jpg and .png image) and then the version that is "fixed" with cropping. 

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

your link don't work, but I have found your source image on wiki with google image search

and now some tests
 - source jpg without any grey border -> to png (2206x1613 Pixel)
 - create a new course with slide size 1366x768
 - imported both image (jpg + png)
 - result: grey borders

next try
 - resized the png "2206x1613 Pixel" to "1366x768 Pixel" (external in Photoshop)
 - imported both images (jpg + png)
 - result: no grey borders

 - resize the png "2206x1613 Pixel" to "2048x1497 Pixel" (the max image size of storyline)
 - imported (png)
 - result: no grey borders

the problem is the internal scaling of storyline - independent of the image format

perhaps you should open a support case and send articulate the example .story and a link to this thread

Terry Simmons

Same issue with grey outline around pngs I brought into my storyline piece. The images have rounded shapes in the background, so there was no way they could be cropped. My work around was to bring the images into powerpoint (no problem with grey outlines here), each on its own slide. Save the ppt and import it into storyline. Once imported they are available in storyview in a new section of slides. Copy the image and paste into the slide where you want it. Then remember to delete the storyview with the powerpoint slides on. The quality isn't quite as good but it's a way round the problem.

Hope this helps anyone who is still struggling with this problem.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

the problem with the images in this case was

  • the width of the imported images was 2206 px
  • the max image size width is 2048 px
  • so storyline resize while import the images from 2206 px to 2048 px
  • the import scaler is not very high quality


  • grey lines appears !!!


  • use a scaler (to max width/height) before you import, so the import scaler will not be used