Unable to access PDFs in published course

We have published 2 very similar courses but in one course the PDFs in the Resources are not accessible with an error message.

error message

The LMS provider uses LearnForce9.

I have gone through and compared both files any differences in file extensions, formats etc. despite this the PDF files in the Resources for one course do not appear.

I have also checked back and compared the files in storyline and both have accessible PDF files in the story content folder/external file folder.
I have also run it through SCORM Cloud testing with no obvious errors.

Any Suggestions?



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Matthew Bibby

Hey Wendy,

Have you checked that the PDF is actually included in the published output?

It should be in the ~/story_content/external_files/ folder.

With Storyline, if you use the 'Jump to URL/File' trigger to link to a document, the document isn't actually copied into your Storyline file. This means that if the document is moved from it's original location on your hard drive and then you publish your course... the file won't be included. I suspect that might be what has happened here... 

Matthew Bibby

Okay, the next thing to check is if you can open the file from within your course without the LMS being involved. If you open the story.html file on your desktop, does the link to the file work? What if you upload the course to SCORM Cloud... can you open the file there? If yes to both, then it suggests that the issue may be with the LMS that you are using.

Matthew Bibby

No worries at all Wendy, happy to help where I can.

If you ever want to see if the issue is with your LMS, test on SCORM Cloud. If something doesn't work on SCORM Cloud, that suggests that the issue is with Storyline (or how things are set up in the Storyline course). If it does work on SCORM Cloud, then all fingers point to the LMS.

Good luck getting things sorted out!