Unable to Crop in SToryline

Sep 05, 2019

Hello...I seem to have lost the ability to crop in Storyline. The Crop  icon has disappeared from the Format tab in the ribbon. and when I click size and position, the crop area is grayed out.

I created a new slide and a new project just to see if it was a one time deal, and had the same issues.

Any advise on how to get the crop button back in the format ribbon would be greatly appreciated!

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Lisa Anderson

Hi Erika,

I'm sorry this is happening. I've similar quirky things like this happen in the past. Here's a couple things I did to resolve them.

One, completely close Storyline, clear your cache and temp files, and reopen SL. 

Two, and not the option you'll want to hear, but, uninstall SL, then reinstall it (hopefully you have your serial number. If not, click on "help" in the ribbon, "about" and write it down.). Restart SL.

Your choice to restart your computer after option one, before uninstalling SL, then try again. 

Good Luck!

Darin Fennell

I was noticing something similar in a project I am working on in Storyline 3. I have a shape that I wanted to crop but was unable to see the crop option available. After some experimenting, it appears you can crop images but not shapes. It is possible to save your shape as an image and then import the new image into your project to be cropped.

That being said, I have yet to find a way to make a selection within an image. If I want to cut out an area in the middle of the image, is there any way to select and cut just that part of the image? The alternate would appear to edit the image in a separate image editor and then bring it back into Storyline 3.


Darin Fennell


Sure thing. What I am trying to do is have an animation playing in the background. I then want to show just three portions of the animation. I thought I could create a rectangle that covered the whole background animation. From there I would create three squares within the rectangle. These would be my selections. I would then take each selection and cut it out, revealing three parts of the animation in the background. In graphic design, I believe it is somewhat like creating a mask. This is different than cropping, where you are removing part of the image from the outside edges. Hope this helps.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Darin,

Thank you for sharing those details!

That would be a new feature to Storyline! I am going to share your insights with our team as a Feature Request. To provide a better understanding of how we prioritize feature requests, we have a great resource that offers more details here: How We Manage Feature Requests

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help. 😄

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