Unable to delete marker once added to scrolling panel

I added a marker within the scrolling panel and now cannot remove it.  Hitting delete on the marker does not work neither does trying to delete it from the timeline.  What's interesting is that marker also won't allow me to move it to up or down the layers in the timeline and if I try to move it out of the scrolling panel to another location on the slide the timeline won't reflect the change.

My only workaround was to copy the working items of the timeline from the buggy slide and paste them into a new slide.  From there I just avoided using a marker in a scrolling panel altogether.  Is this a bug?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pete,

First, do you have the marker grouped with any other objects? If so, can you try un-grouping them and see if you're able to delete it?

If you still have a slide available with this marker, can you share the .STORY file? I'd like to check it out and see what's going on, if possible.


Pete K

I saved and closed my program to see if that would somehow get rid of the stubborn marker... and voila it did.  Weird.  So it seems it's solved though I am not sure what caused it. I'll let you know if I come across it again. I have a feeling it had something to do with all the objects I had piled into the same slide.

Pete K

I am now experiencing something related to my last post but I am not using a marker this time in the scrolling panel.  This time I chose to embed an image but it won't display when I preview it within the scrolling panel.  However, when I remove the image, the scrolling panel works fine.  This is similar to what I was experiencing with the marker. Can you verify this issue?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Pete,

Thanks very much for the file! I've made some progress with this. Seeing the file helps a lot :)

First, it looks like the actual content/object/image you had in the scrolling pane containing your text was literally only set on the timeline for a fragment of a second. This may be why it wasn't showing up until the end.

Take a look:

As you can see, I pulled the object out of the panel to see this. After doing so, I matched the timeline for the object to the scrolling panel. After reinserting it into the panel, it shows up at the same time.

I also arranged the marker image so that it will show up at the bottom of the panel, when the user reaches the end. I assumed you wanted this at the end of the last sentence. 

Can you take a look at the attached file and tell me if this is working better for you, please?

Thanks very much!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pete,

I'm not sure why that marker doesn't want to behave. Again, I think it's just that they're a little "touchy" when they're inserted into panels, or other types of groups (panels group objects together, as you can see on the timeline).

I did get this working for you, but with a little trickery. I saved the description as an image and placed it in a "Selected" state for the marker. Now, when you click on the marker, you should see the text. When you click on the marker again, the marker should be deselected and the description will close.

Can you take a look and see if this works for you, please? :)


Pete K

Pete K. said:

Hi Christine,

 Sorry to nag you again.  Can you take a look at my attached story file. The marker I inserted again seems to be acting up.   The text bubble won't appear when I click on it for some reason.  It works fine unless its inside the scrolling panel.  What am I missing?

Thanks for working on the workaround Christine....but you'll be proud of me! 

I FOUND THE SOLUTION!  Being the obsessive compulsive guy that I am, I found what seems to be the only current fix for the misbehaving marker inside the scrolling panel. But I also realized that this is definitely a bug that I hope will be addressed in Update #4 (please pass this request along to those who need to fix it).

If you are using a pop-up marker inside a scrolling panel, the only way you'll see the animated pop-up bubble correctly is if you make sure that your scroll bar for the scrolling panel is all the way up before you preview or publish it (see image below).  You do not have to adjust the slide scroll bar next to it, just the one for the scrolling panel.  Otherwise, the marker bubble may never appear.

Actually, depending on how far down you leave your scroll bar, the bubble may appear but it will do so much further above the marker so when it's previewed or published it may not appear in the window frame.  Test this out and you'll see what I mean. It's really odd but it's also something that I think folks should know.

Pete K

Below is a screenshot of what happens when your scrolling panel scroll bar is left only about half way down before you preview/publish the slide. Notice the distance between the marker caption and the marker.  So when the scroll bar has been left all the way down, you can't even see the marker caption on the previewed/published slide unless you quickly scroll back up to the top of the slide after you select it.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Pete,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this information. As I mentioned earlier, there are a few known issues with markers and grouped objects. When you create a scrolling panel, it groups all the content in that panel. I believe that's why the marker starts acting up after it's placed in the scrolling panel. 

We've got quite a bit of documentation on this and some other issues with the markers already, but I will definitely pass along the information you shared, as well. 

For now, it's probably best to use the work around I suggested, or one of the methods you mentioned.

Again, thanks very much for the information, I appreciate it! :)

I hope you had a great weekend and have a great day,