Unable to disable fast forward on videos

Dec 17, 2018


I am having difficulty disabling a learners ability to fast forward certain videos.  I have added a trigger and variable for the learner to complete the media before they can click "next" which works for audio media but so far doesn't work for videos.  The seekbar is set to "allow drag after completion" in the media player.  With the videos, they are still able to drag the seekbar in the actual video but not the seekbar in the slide.



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Allan Dunlop

Hi, Lauren. I just tried this out. When I set the seekbar to 'Allow drag after completion' in the media player, then set 'Show video controls' to 'None,' that did the trick. You can also select the Play/Pause option, yet I don't know a way to permit rewinding. (Please see attachment.)

Would that work for your purposes?

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