Unable to edit one 1 slide in a Storyline 360 project

Jan 03, 2024

I was editing the slides in a Storyline project today and everything was working great, until I was all of a sudden unable to edit only one particular slide in my project.  I checked the other slides and they are still editable. In the slide I can't edit, the cursor is not aligned with the text, which is strange. I don't recall doing anything to cause that. I checked the timeline and the text is not locked, and I also checked to make sure I was on the base layer and I am (also I did not add any other layers).  All I had to do on this particular slide was change to letters from capital to lowercase. The text is in a textbox and I also have slide numbers on the slide that look to also be in text boxes. Would removing the slide numbers help?  If someone could help me figure out what is going on with this it would be very helpful. Thank you.

-Dana Von Berg

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Judy Nollet

Sometimes when text or a shape on a slide can't be selected/edited, it's because the object is on the Master layout. In those cases, the object wouldn't appear on the timeline.

It sounds like you can see the object you want to edit on the timeline, since you checked to ensure it wasn't locked. Thus,  not being able to select and edit it is "unexpected behavior."

I suggest you contact the Articulate staff. Include a copy of the file, because it's virtually impossible to troubleshoot without seeing it.