Unable to export trimmed "screen recorded video"

Jun 18, 2015

Just to check with all if there is any feature to export recorded video that I have inserted as a video on a single slide (trimmed using the Edit Video).

As I understand that we are able to export videos for those step by step ones.

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Melissa _

Hi, Yes I have went through that tutorial before. I am referring to trimmed video.

1) Record video

2) Insert video on a single slide

3) Trim video using the "Edit Video" feature

Because this video has been trimmed, it is not under the list of video in "Record Screen" and it does not have the "Action Fine Tuning" feature link to this thus there is no export feature. Just to confirm on this.


Leslie McKerchie

Ah, I understand now Melissa!

Articulate Storyline doesn't currently support exporting videos that were previously imported. However, if you no longer have the source video files and need to recover copies of them, do the following:

  1. Publish your course for Web.
  2. When the Publish Successful window appears, click Open.
  3. Open the story_content folder. This is where you can find copies of your videos for this particular project. The file name for each video will start with video_. They won't have easily recognizable file names, so you may have to play each video to identify them.

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