Unable to hear sound of movie clips - only in timeline

Sep 26, 2017

Does anybody know how to get the sound of movie files back in timeline?

I have an idea to why the sound disappeared in timeline myself, but not to how to get it back... Please help :-).

At first I worked with the articulate file and movie files on dropbox (I know, I won't do it again!). At the beginning it worked just fine.

But ever since I moved the physical movie files from the original place to another no sound has been on the movie clips in timeline.

I now replaced the files back into their original place and tried to import them again. Still no sound.

I went online and found out, that "always keep your articulate files on your local drive, never on networks or usb" so I now placed everything on my local drive.

I closed down Articulate and re-opened and did the earlier mentioned again. And no sound.

Outside Articulate the sound is just fine on the movie clips themselves.

In Articulate the sound is also fine in preview of movie and in preview of scene/slide, but still no sound of movie clips in the timeline. Hence, I can't edit slides/sound.

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?!?

See attachment: storyline file.


Thank you so much in advance.

Best regards,





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