Unable to open Storyline 2 course in Storyline 3

Mar 26, 2020

Having such a problem right now.


Just recently started with a new company and they have a lot of courses created in Storyline 2 from 2015-2017.  I was finally able to get Storyline 3 installed, but when trying to open any of the Storyline 2 files and choosing to upgrade for Storyline 3 I get an error saying "This project is invalid or corrupt and cannot be opened".

I've never been able to open the file and save on my computer so the help that I've seen online to do looking for the temp file I'm unable to do.  Can anyone give any suggestions?

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Thor Melicher

Do you still have Storyline 2 installed?  If so, see if you can open it.

  • If you can then do a Save As and give it another name and then try opening in SL3.
  • If you can't then the file is corrupt and you'll have to see if you can find another copy.

Another thing you might want to try is changing the extension from .story to .zip.  Once you do that, see if you can open the .zip file.  This might also give you an idea if the file is corrupt.

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