Unable to publish a Storyline project

Jul 09, 2013

I have been really enjoying the impressive features & fuctionality of Storyline, however I have recently encountered a problem when previewing &/or publishing projects.

When attempting to publish the slides generate, but then it just returns to the publish screen.

I tried reinstalling as an administrator & running the clean up script identified in another fix, but neither has resolved the issue.

Not sure if this has anything to do with the latest software update or not??

Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated.



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Nicole Legault

Hi there Brad!

The first thing would be to make sure (as Dennis mentioned above) you're working with local files. Make sure you're not working off of a network drive, USB drive or any other external source; your files should be on your hard drive, if possible. 

Secondly, what are you using to publish (LMS, Web, Articulate Online, CD, etc.)?

Third, if you can, share the .story file, and I can test publish and see if I run into the same issue. 


Donna Copeland

Nicole, do I understand you correctly that Storyline, like Adobe's Robohelp software, should be generated and published locally, then the final output copied over to a web server, LMS, or network location for use by others?  Do you know why this is so, outside of the fact that networks are not always stable?

Thanks, this was an interesting point that I had not noticed before in Storyline, but then I am very new to this tool.

Dennis Hall

Hi Donna:

To reinforce Nicole's statement. Some LMS systems, such as Saba, will allow you to publish to a Content Server (using their proprietary connector), however, even then, they may require the published output be in ZIPped format. Storyline, Studio, Captivate, RoboHelp, Lectora, Camtasia (and the list goes on) do not directly publish to a Zipped output that is SCORM compliant. This is intentional since LMS platforms can have varying technical requirements such a Maximum Upload Files Size, or some even require you upload content to one folder and the imsmanifest to another after customizing the file. It really varies.

To be safe, most courseware IDE's will leave your files in the final production structure for you to manage the LMS specific package.

So, not producing a ZIP file by default is the norm across the industry while publishing to the LMS is always specific to that LMS.

The only IDE's I have ever worked with that had you publish to the LMS where ones that carried their own custom IDE - LCMS systems.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Nicole Legault

Hi there Brad, 

Thank you sharing your .story file. After a bit of testing, it's been established that your file is corrupt. There are a lot of reasons that a file can become corrupt including:

  • working from a network drive or flash drive
  • using very long file names with special characters
  • using special characters in slide title, objects, or animations

Not to worry because there is a solution for this... You can import your Storyline project into a new file and publish it. Importing from Another Storyline Project. Please note  that you will lose your current custom Player settings, and so you will have to update those in the new file. Also, for the new file I recommend you give it a short, simple file name that doesn't use any spaces or special characters. (This is a good best practice in general.) Hope this helps you, and let me know if you have any further issues!!

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