Unable to return the Next button to NORMAL from DISABLED

Hello Articulate Gurus,

I know this is a fairly simple ask but I am really stumped here. I have a slide with 4 tabs and each tab navigates to a different layer. The ask is to implement restricted learning wherein the user can click on any tab in whatsoever order. The Next button, which is a custom button, enables only when all 4 tabs are visited in whatsoever order. I tried to achieve in two ways:

  • Used a number variable and applied trigger on each tab and set their respective values when other three tabs are "Visited"
  • Used a fairly simple way where in first I changed the state of next button to disabled when timeline starts and changed it to normal when all 4 tabs are "Visited"

None of the aforementioned methods gave me the desired result. The irony is when I implemented first method on a slide with 3 tabs, it worked like a charm but its just not happening on the slide with 4 tabs.

I attached both story files. Please see what am I doing wrong and if you could kindly guide me to the right direction. I'd be more than thankful.

Thank You,

- Shiva

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Phil Mayor

It cannot work the way you have it set up as the buttons are replicated on each of the layers, in this case I use off slide shapes with visited states.

This seems to work, I think your right arrow has some odd states as if t=you set to disabled you can no longer click on the button on the stage

Walt Hamilton

Check the mixed Navigation in the sample at this post:
It has four buttons that take the learner to different slides, and when they are all visited, a button appears that can have any trigger on it you want. In the restricted navigation, the four buttons appear in order, only after the previous one is visited.