Unable to upgrade file - "locked by another process"

I have a few Storyline files that were built in Storyline 2 and I have tried to open them and upgrade them to 360. I am receiving an error that states "The project 'Storyline' is locked by another process." (see attached image).

Both I and a colleague are having the same issue from different computers (the file is stored on a cloud drive). I am able to open it in Storyline 2 without a problem. I am also able to open and upgrade other files in 360 without issue.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Ali Goulet

Hey April,

So sorry that's happening- thanks for reaching out here!

You'll first want to make sure you're working on your files locally on your computer to avoid any file corruption. Try copying or moving the file over to your C:Drive/Desktop before opening it in Storyline 360.

Let me know if that does the trick!