Unable to view my Storyline files

Feb 09, 2022


I am trying to share my Storyline samples with a potential client. I have saved them on Review 360, and as html files, and they say they can't see them at all. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone please assist? I'm enclosing one of the files.


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Tom Kuhlmann

If you want to share the published output you have to put the course on a server. Since you have Review, it should work. Click on share, then select the URL and send that to the person. If that doesn't work let us know.


If you don't want to use Review, you need to move the entire published folder to a web server and then from there generate a URL from the html file. If you don't know how to do that or it all sounds foreign, then use Review. :)

Tom Kuhlmann

Also, saving it as an HTML file isn't an option. If you save for web, you get an entire published folder. You need to put that entire folder on a web server and then share a link to the html file.

If you share just the HTML file, then they won't see anything because the html file points to the things in the folder.