Unable to view screen recordings after publishing.

Hi All, 

I have published my project using "CD".  When I view the published version I can see the screen recordings in it (I am viewing the project on the same computer that I built the project with, I am not sure if that is a factor). When other people in my organization try and view the project on their computer the screen recordings are not there at all.  

All computers in the organization have an updated 11.7 flashplayer and the project is saved as an .exe file. 

Does anyone know what I can do so that everyone can see the entire project including the screen recordings? I only need to publish it to be able to be viewed from the organizations server. 

Thank you, 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Julie and welcome to Heroes!

Do you know if your users are clicking on the story.html file instead of the .exe file? If they are using the .exe file and it's still not showing the screen recording I'd ask you to submit a Support case so that we can look into it further, please be sure to upload the file you're working on as well.