Unanswered Question turn up in REVIEW differently after Retry QUiZ

Apr 09, 2016

Hi there,

I wonder if someone can tell me what I am doing wrong setting the "revisit parameter" on some quiz questions. All questions are set to "Resume Saved State", and I am working on the local drive. I get:

  • Wrong answers show INCORRECT on Review mode (that's OK).
  • Right answers show CORRECT on Review mode (that's OK).
  • An unanswered question subtracts a point but does not show on Review mode when the quiz is reviewed. (Why does it not show INCORRECT with unselected choices as shown below ?)

Is "Resume Saved State" the correct parameter? I get this screen capture when I went wrong once and omit to answer when I am retrying the quiz.

Thanks for any advice,



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Gonzalo

you are talking retry quiz and review quiz.  Are you trying to give users a second chance to answer 'skipped' questions during your review phase?

What triggers do you have on your results slide for the retry quiz button and the review quiz button.

Might be easier for someone to help you if you can upload your .story file.

Gonzalo Rosetti

Hi Wendy,

With Review Quiz , learners can review what they have done: correct, incorrect or unanswered (these do not show, though).
With Retry Quiz, learners can have another clean go at the test. It should be a clean start. 

These are the triggers on the results slide. I can not upload the .story file because it is a video quiz, and I cannot share it online :(

Results Slide Triggers

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