Uneven Font Spacing

Nov 08, 2013


I seem to be having some issues with unevenly distributed characters - an issue that isn't rectified by changing the font or size.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  This happens both when previewing (at 100%) and when viewing the published version of the course.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Janine Carbone

Hey Jen,

Does your text box have the formatting all set to the same type? Is some of it set to Left Align and some set to Justified? Does changing the alignment change the way the text is spaced? Say you center the text, does the spacing in between each letter still wonky? 

Also, if you retype this in a different/new text box, will it still look like this? Does this happen to the text in the entire course or just a few of the text boxes? 

Jennifer Beard

Thanks for the responses guys.

I can confirm that the alignment is the same for all of the text in the text box - it is all left-aligned - and that changing this doesn't seem to affect the spacing of the characters in any way.  I have the same issue with all of my text boxes.

As I said in my original post, I still experience the same issue when I change the font - though I haven't tried them all, I have tried 5 or 6.

Also, Leslie, I have checked and I can confirm that my computer is set to 96 DPI and that these are just on-screen text boxes.


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