Unexpected gaps down left and right hand side of the player when published

Oct 03, 2016

Hello ...

I wonder if anyone can help with a small (and probably silly) problem. I'm building a quiz using question banks and I've chosen a story size of 720 x 405 and have set up my master slide with a background image matching that. However, when I publish, I get a vertical gap down the left and right hand sides of my output as shown in the attachment.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance,


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Ali Goulet

Hi Martin!

Just to verify, you're seeing this once published but not when previewing the project file right in Storyline? If so, what environment are you publishing for and where are you viewing the content from once published? Are you currently running the latest update to Storyline 2, update 10

Would you also mind sharing your .story project file here so I can take a closer look? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment in this thread. Thanks! 

Martin Talbot

Hi, Ali

I've attached a cut down version. If I preview the scene which simply contains all of the questions, it works fine.

However, I created a further scene and added the first two screens (Splash screen and Intro) - no problem at this point. But as soon as I add in a Question Bank draw, I get the problem.

It's strange! I have had problems with the question banks in that Storyline doesn't always add in all of the questions that I have ticked - and it sometimes requires two or three further attempts to populate the q bank as I want it, but I don't really see that that should cause a problem here.

I am running Update 10, by the way.

Anyway - thank you for your reply and for your offer of help - it's very much appreciated.

All the best,


Ali Goulet

Hi Martin, 

Thanks so much for sharing your project file here. I do see what you're describing even while previewing right in Storyline. It seems limited to once that question bank is added into the scene. If it's removed, the two other slides appear as normal. However, when I go to edit and preview the slide bank itself it also previews normally. I have not been able to determine a cause for why it's occurring once added into a scene. I've submitted a case on your behalf to our Support Engineers (case #00903971 for my reference) for further investigation. They'll be reaching out to you shortly via email. I'll be following along and will relay any relevant info here for others who may find it helpful. :)

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