Unexpected navigation behavior

Nov 11, 2016

I have a fairly linear slide structure and am expecting that the action of clicking the Next or Previous button will take me to the literal next or previous slide per the actual slide order of my course. I'm finding that the navigation is not behaving this way, rather than Next taking me to the actual next slide per the sequence, it jumps to one let's say, 3 slides away. I have the controls at the default Next/Previous settings, and to let it "Automatically decide" upon revisit. But even for a newly published course on its first test run, I'm seeing this behavior. I do not want to have to go in and tell it which exact slide to go to for Next/Previous.  Has anyone seen similar behavior and what is the best remedy?


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Mary Yu

I was able to find a quick fix for my situation. I went to Player > Menu and selected the action to "Reset from story" which then realigned the menu order to my story sequence. I tested this and saw that the Next/Previous buttons were now behaving as expected. As others had mentioned, the Previous is more like browser behavior, so when I purposely jumped a few slides ahead from the menu and then clicked Previous, indeed it went back to the slide I was on previously. However, the nice thing I did notice is that when I clicked Next, it went to the immediately next slide which is the behavior I would want and expect.

Hope that makes sense and is helpful!

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