Unhiding objects

Apr 25, 2016

Hi - I want a picture to display when the user clicks on an object (in the attached file it is a sign that says vp1). I am hiding the picture when the timeline starts and create an action for the picture's state to be normal when an item is clicked, however it is not displaying - I'm not sure what I'm missing and would appreciate any advice please.

Thank you

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Elizabeth Miles

Hi Tom,

You can set the initial state of any object to hidden, then use a trigger to make it visible. I've attached the modified file, and this is what I did to get it working:

  • Removed your triggers that changed the state of the stop sign shape and textbox when the timeline began
  • Clicked the States tab and set the initial state of your shape and textbox to hidden
  • Added a trigger to change the state of your textbox to normal when the rectangle shape was clicked (the trigger on your stop sign worked after I made the changes above)

Hope this helps!  :)

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