Unlimited attempts for word bank does not work in html5

Jun 11, 2014


 I have made a quiz using a word bank and in the preview the try again layer does allow you to switch answers but when I publish you can't. I've tried setting the trigger on the "try again" to go back to the beginning of the slide but then the wrong answer does not go back in line with the others in the bank, in fact it covers the question.

Any advice to fix this would be appreciated



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

I saw the behavior you mentioned when testing the published output locally and viewing the HTML5 output, that after a try again it showed the original answer near the box but slightly askew. I tested in a new file and didn't see the same behavior when viewing it here.   In that version, I'm able to drag a new answer to the box and moves out the original answer. I wasn't able to upload your published output - so I could only test it locally. Could you share the .story file here with us? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

Thanks for sharing the file. I tested it again, and loaded to my web server where you can see the HTML5 output here.   When testing this version, it only seems to occur for me on the first question? Can you take a look and let me know how it behaves for you? I was testing this in Google Chrome. 

Since it's only the first question I also tried duplicating the question and then creating a brand new one (the new question is the fourth one in)- the duplicate had the same behavior, whereas the new one worked ok. I'd suggest removing that one question and creating a new version of it and also double check that you're following along with these guidelines while working in Storyline. 

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