Unwanted scroll bar in my web object

Feb 05, 2013

I created a step-by-step screen recording in Storyline, but I got the screen size wrong. When I tried to join it with some conventional slides in my project the story size changed & messed up my screen demo. So, I tried a fix that Gerry Wasiluk proposed for someone else. I published my demo & changed the story.html file to index.html & inserted it on one slide as a web object. This worked for me except that I'm getting a scroll bar on my slide. The scroll bar is solid & doesn't actually scroll. Does anyone know how I might get rid of the scroll bar? The web object is a published Storyline file (& I'm not sure how or if I can manipulate the index file). 

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Brent  Raper

Thanks Peter!  I tried the style tags but couldn't get rid of the scroll bar. Decided I didn't really want to redesign my project just so I could use my over-sized demo. So I re-recorded it in the right size. Best solution, and a lesson well learned to pay close attention to screen size when planning to import recordings & other bits into a project.  

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