Web Object Size Problem with last 360 update

Mar 28, 2019

  • In the last few months I created and published few courses Using Storyline 360. The courses have hundreds of HTML5 content inside. The HTML5 content created with Captivate and inserted in Storyline as Web Objects.
  • I always take extra care with the HTML5 file size in captivate and make sure it matches the size of the Web Object I create in Storyline to avoid seeing the scroll bars in the Web Objects.
  • After I installed the last Articulate 360 update in Friday 22 March 2019, all the Web Objects I already created in the previous courses has changed in size and become much bigger and scroll bars appeared in all Web Objects in all the slides.
  • Therefore, all my courses original files are corrupted and if I wanted to republish these courses again I will have to do all the work again.
  • I tried this with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge with zoom not higher than 100% to make sure it's not zooming problem.
  • I tried the same storyline file with one colleague of mine who works with me in the same company, she didn’t install the last update yet and she published the course from her storyline, the file was published normally with no problem. All the Web Objects appeared in the normal size with no scroll bar.
  • Can you help me please and tell me why the settings changed automatically and how to fix it? Or how to restore the previous settings before the update? 
  • Regards,
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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Hossam,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are seeing in your projects.

You mentioned that the courses were already published, so did you re-publish them with the latest update or did you notice the issue when viewing those previously published courses?

You have the ability to install a previous version if needed.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Hossam Anber

Hi Leslie,

Just to update you with some interesting finding after some testing from my side.

When I insert Web Object as mentioned above in the latest version of storyline it seems like it doesn't adapt with the screen resolution. the Web Object will have the same size no matter what is the screen resolution or what is the device. Which is not the case in pervious version of storyline. That means using latest version there is no way to make sure that the scroll bars will not appear in all devices and screen resolutions. 

Here is how I tested it:

  • I published HTML5 content from Captivate with size of 722x330.
  • I inserted the HTML5 content into storyline as Web Object and adjusted the dimensions manually to be 1230x530 to accommodate all the HTML5 content into the Web Object without scroll bars.
  • I published the course into 360 Review.
  • The course appeared on my laptop screen with scroll bars.
  • I changed my lab top screen resolution from (1366 x 768) to be (800 x 600) and opened the same course again.The HTML5 content appeared to be bigger with bigger scroll bars than before while the courses published with the pervious version looked fine with the screen resolution of 800x600.
  • I sent the link to a colleague of mine who works in the same company with a bigger screen with resolution of 1600x900. On her screen the Web Object looked fine with no scroll bars.
  • I opened the course from my mobile. The Web Object appeared in huge size with huge scroll bars while the courses published with the previous version looked fine as usual.

Apparently the new version of SL produce a non-responsive HTML5 content unlike the pervious ones.

I can share the course link in 360 Review privately 

Please note that I have stopped working because I don't know whether I should reinstall the pervious version to be able to work as before? And does that mean i am going to ignore all the updates from now on? or should I try to adapt with the new version which still making problems with Web Objects and I don't know yet how to solve them? 

Thank you

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Hossam.

I took a look at your case and I see that Anna was able to replicate and confirm that this has been reported as a possible bug to be investigated further.

As a workaround, you may continue to resize the height and width of the web object so that it is big enough to accommodate the HTML5. Hence, the scroll bars will no longer appear. 

I attached this conversation to your support case so that you can continue working with Anna if needed and attached it to the report as well so that we can update anyone following along here as well.

Curtis Wiens

This is the same issue I reported here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/march-21-release-of-storyline-is-changing-the-way-webojects-size-on-the-stage My entire team cannot update SL until this is fixed. Hope it is on its way. Simply put web objects lost their responsiveness. The have fixed pixel width and height now. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Curtis for linking to that other discussion. That helped so I could ensure Hossam's issue was tagged correctly and we'll be able to update you both once we have more information. As you can see, this is still fairly limited in terms of the number of customers impacted, so I don’t currently have any updates. I saw Michael was also working with you in the other discussion to try and find a community workaround? Keep us posted if that helps! 

Hossam Anber

Hi Curtis, and thanks for linking your discussion here. It seems that both of our teams are stuck in the same version until further notification.

And regarding your question, why i am using Captivate, I am converting old non responsive flash-based courses into responsive HTML5 based courses using Storyline360 as new platform. The old courses has hundreds of demos that was built using Captivate in flash format. So I use Captivate to convert the same demos into HTML5 format and then import them as Web Objects in Storyline. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi all!

I'm popping in to share the good news! We just released Update 34 (Build 3.34.20804.0) for Storyline 360! 

In the update, you'll find that Web Objects are no longer misaligned and sized incorrectly in the published output!

All you need to do is update Storyline 360 on your Articulate 360 Desktop app!

Head over here to see all the other fixes included in this update.

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