Update 12 for Storyline 360 - crashed Articulate 360 App

Jan 23, 2018

I heard about the Update 12 for Storyline 360. As such, I run an update from the Articulate 360 app. Doing so, caused my Articulate 360 app to stop functioning. I am currently trying to uninstall the app and re-install it to see if it will fix the issues and allow me access to the update 12 for Storyline. I thought I would just throw this out there in case anyone else has been experiencing issues or knew of anything they had to do in order to get back to work. Thanks!

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Jeremy Larson

Update: I have tried several more times to get the Articulate desktop app to work and it is still crashing. I cannot find any solutions yet to this problem. This software is necessary to preform my job functions, and would love to hear if this is a known issue or if this is an isolated issue that is only happening on my machine. If it is a known issue, and there is something wrong with Articulate right now, please let us know when it will be resolved. Thank you.


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