update 5 is slower than previous versions

Jun 10, 2014

This test is made on ipad Air, ios7, Safari, html5 version of published course.

I just tested this thing and I'm sure that update 5 has some serious bug when publishing the course:

I tested an "old" course (don't know for sure which version of update i used, anyway older than 5) and it plays smoothly from beginning to end. 

The same course, re-published after the update 5, after some screens containing videos inside, begins to run slower until it becames so slow that everything seems like being stucked.

I'm almost convinced it has something to do with videos management, since this progressive slow-down occurs for courses that have some videos into slides.

So now the result is that every courses we updated after update 5, with the scope of major stability, are running worse than before, and our customers are very upset about that.

Anyone else experienced this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio,

Thanks for sharing the link. I tested this on my iPad mini with iOS7 and mobile safari - and I'm not sure what you mean by starts going slower? I view the video and then progress through a series of slides. There is some delay as each slide loads with the animation on the slide, and overall running content from Dropbox on the iPad (not just Storyline content) isn't the best method. But it didn't seem to get slower as I progressed. I can't imagine it's specific to the iPad air, but I could see if I could find someone else with an iPad air to test it out? 

Zio Fonta

thank you for following the problem Ashley, after 4-5 screens, it happens that every animation is not smooth anymore, and go worse going on. If you have also audio into the slide, you lose the sync with animation because of these heavy delays. I provide a more significant example with audio.


The same issue has been reported from lot of users on different courses when viewing these courses on ipad (also previous versions, but i dont know if ipad mini too). They attend the courses on Moodle platform, but i tested that the delay occurs on any web server you host the scorm package. This thing has caused a serious issue between the customer and the company i develop these courses for,  so i may assure the problem exists and is not limited to one or two courses.

Strange thing is that the same course published under previous update do not slow down.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio,

Thanks for sharing - this link worked for me. I ran the HTML5 output on my iPad mini, iOS7 in mobile Safari and at the same time ran the HTML5 output within Google Chrome on my desktop. I am currently at the first slide within the "Six step Journey" section and all is playing normally on the iPad in comparison to how I experience it in Chrome. If anything, the iPad seems to be better as there were some audio clips when you clicked on images within the commercial objectives section that were truncated when playing in Chrome.  

I have seen some delays in animation, but not a whole slide freeze or a crash of safari, and I haven't seen any sync issues with the audio or animations. I also reached out to another colleague to have her test it on a different iPad version - and she used an iPad 2 with iOS 7 and shared:

"That course looks *really* good. A slight delay, but seems normal based on expectations of Safari, animations, etc." 

If you think it's specific to the iPad air, I can hunt around for a way to test it on there as well - do you have any other iPads you could test on? 

Zio Fonta

Hi Ashley, 

excuse me if i din't give you a feedback in the last days, we were focused on solving other issues so we left this one apart for a while.

we have tested these courses on several ipad versions, ipad 2, ipad 3 and mine ipad air, with the same results, i can assure that the old version of these courses played smoothly, on ios prior to version 7.

the fact is that both update 5 and ios 7 has been released more or less in the same period, so we cannot understand what is causing the problem, maybe also a combination of things. 

Did you noticed that the course is slowing down progressivly when you browse forward all the slides? this is really strange since after all there are just htm5 transitions on each slide. The hypotesis is that Safari on IOS7 is storing all these html5 animations until this memory space became too small to play smoothly. We noticed this issue mainly for courses with lot animations and videos.
Can you confirm that update 5 did not introduce a different management of htm5 transitions or something significant that could have changed Safari response when browsing between lot of animations or video content?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio,

No worries on the delay - I can certainly understand how busy you are. 

I didn't experience a slow down,  nor did my colleague Christine who you may have also seen here in the forums. I was on an iPad min and she was on an iPad 2 I believe. I also always make sure that when I'm testing files, I close any other applications to ensure that they're not taking up any additional iPad or Safari memory and just run the one course. I know that there have been some reports of crashing in mobile Safari and our team is looking into it further but I don't have a timeframe to offer. If you'd like to share with me one of the .story projects I can share it with them as a test case as they look into fixes that will prevent the mobile safari crash and see if that also has an impact on the slow loading times. 

I'd also be curious to know if you've tested the course from another server/LMS than the ones you shared here. Dropbox is known for being a bit slow accessing any content (not just Storyline courses) on the iPad - but you may also want to try SCORM Cloud and see how that version behaves on the iPad. 

Zio Fonta

Hi Ashley,

I'm sure that this is not an issue due to the webserver speed, i always test every course on my xammp local webserver where all loading delay is almost irrilevant. i tested anyway also on scorm cloud and other webserver as well. When tested with low bandwith you can experience other issue as delay in loading elements such videos or audio and a certain out of sync, but this is normal in my opinion. Html5 is really poor of robust media controls compared to Flash, where you can always guarantee a perfect sync with audio and animation thanx to stream audio, and a better video control too.... If only we could have keep flash as plugin for mobile devices, now we were not here to discuss about all these issue.... 

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