Updating an existing Template help

Hello All,

I have recently started learning how to use SL3 in my new role and I have an issue.

With the current template we use I have to manually update the Font color and remove an extra text box on imported questions but in the Slide Master View the questions slide is the correct font color (White)

I want to be able to update the template so that when ever I use it for new projects I don't have to go and manually change the font color and remove the additional text box that makes the question unreadable.

Also, for what ever reason on True/False Questions the correct answer is Always Capitalized all the way through so I have to go in and fix each individual slide. Not sure if this is because of the template as well.

Any help would be appreciated. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Adrian!

I'm happy to help! From your screenshot, I can see that the question text color in Slide Masters is different from the questions slide in Slide View. It's hard to determine what is getting in the way without seeing the file. Would you mind uploading the .story file to us privately in a support case

We don't see this bug, where the correct answer is in all caps, in Storyline 3 Update 12. Are you using this version as well?