Slide Text Export for Translations

Jul 21, 2021

Hello, I'm curious if anyone is having problems with the slide text export?  When I created an slide text export, or go to "translations" and then go to "Export to Word" I get a document with ALL of the formatting changed.  Previously, I was able to get a document that had most, if not all of the formatting from the slides--then I was able to just give it to my country SME and they could add translations.  Easy.  Fast.  Now, I have to go line by line and correct the font size, font type, color, etc.  Was this part of the new update?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Emily!

We did enhance the translation export in Storyline 360 in our June 2021 update. You can read what was enhanced here: Storyline 360: Enhanced Word Translation

If this is different than what you see on your end, I'd like our Support Engineers to step in and take a look. You can connect with their team by submitting a support case.