Updating SCORM 2004 v4 and SuccessFactors

Dec 21, 2020

Hi everyone,

I know this is predominantly an Articulate product forum, but I'm struggling to find a related solution or workaround.

I'm currently using Storyline360 to publish SCORM packages for use in SuccessFactors LMS.  I'm trying to utilise SCORM 2004 v4 as it's got better tracking of responses for reporting, however SuccessFactors won't let me update an existing course because it's a SCORM 2004 package (see link: https://apps.support.sap.com/sap/support/knowledge/en/2320891).

I've been looking for almost 4 hours for a workaround.  If anyone who is familiar with SuccessFactors, and can provide assistance, that would be very appreciated.



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Scott Wiley

Not sure how relevant this is to your question, but, we ran into some troubles when publishing to SumTotal's LMS using SCORM 2004 4th Edition. Found out SumTotal was only supporting up to 3rd Edition.

I suggest publishing only to the 3rd Edition, as it allows the same amount of data to be stored in the suspend_data while still being supported ty SumTotal.

Joseph Francis

It looks like, according to their own admission ("This is expected behavior as per Product management comments"), that once a SCORM package is uploaded, you are prevented from updating it. I'm more than a little shocked that a legitimate LMS manufacturer would knowingly cripple a feature which LMS' have had for 20+ years, the ability to update content while preserving student enrollment data.

I would bypass the "Enhancement Request" link in the KB article, as those get tossed in a pile and ignored, and go straight to SAP's tech support. Grill them on the exact process to update the content of an existing eLearning course while preserving student completion and enrollment data.

Joseph Francis

In previous positions, I would hound our LMS manufacturer's sales rep (or director of sales), who would then get me into direct contact with the head of tech support. If there's one thing a sales rep DOESN'T want to hear about, it's a customer who isn't getting satisfaction, because it's a potential lost sale down the road.

Since enterprise LMS implementations are capital expenses, often running into 7 figures (with a commensurate commission), it's not something most sales reps will ignore out-of-hand.

Scott Wiley

You can change output option versions from 2 places.

One is from the initial view of the publish to LMS page, and in any other case (1.2, AICC, etc.) this would be enough.

The other place is in the Reporting and Tracking Options view. In this view, if SCORM 2004 is the version chosen, an additional panel appears to allow selecting the "edition."

It would be your best bet to choose 3rd Edition, as the last time I discussed with a SumTotal rep, they did not fully support the 4th edition, and 3rd allows the same additional data character count.

Jennifer Firestone

I know this question from a while ago, however responding in case its helpful for anyone. When you use the Import Content function in SuccessFactors, you can use it for the following options

  • SCORM 1.2
    • Add New Content
    • Add Content for an Existing Item
    • Replace Content for an Existing Item
  • SCORM 2004 v2 or v4
    • Add New Content

However, you can still use the Import Content function to replace SCORM 2004 content. To do so:

  1. Use the option to Add New Content, select your zipped Storyline file, fill in required details and be sure to provide a content package ID for this new version. Do NOT select the option to create a new learning item. You have now created a new content package that will include the new content object.
  2. Go to the Learning Item > Online Content
  3. Remove the old content package
  4. Add the new content package
Stephen Wilhite

Unfortunately, we're running into an issue where if any completions have been recorded for the existing Item, SF will not allow you to modify the content structure without creating a revision first. This was never the case with SCORM 1.2 -- simply swapping out the Content Object in the existing item always did the trick. Creating a revision opens you up to all kinds of issues related to learning assignments, so we'd like to avoid that if possible. If anyone has identified a workaround, or really dialed in the revision settings to avoid assignment issues, please let us know!

Jennifer Firestone

Hi Stephen, 

Is it all learning content, or only SCORM 2004?

If its all learning content, check the lockItemContentStructure configuration setting. This setting is found here: System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > LMS_Admin. Once the Configuration window opens, its probably easiest to use Ctrl+F and search for lockItemContentStructure (no spaces). If the value is true, change it to false. You should now be able to remove the existing content package and the new content package.

When SuccessFactors changed the admin interface they changed the item content structure to lock once a learning completion is recorded. However, after A LOT of feedback, they have since then added this configuration option. It still defaults to locked, but changing this setting should enable you to edit the content structure. 

If it's only SCORM 2004 and lockItemContentStructure is already false, there was an issue earlier this year that prevented being able to remove a SCORM 2004 package and add a new SCORM 2004 package. There was a patch released to correct this issue: b2205p13. I recommend checking if this patch was applied to your SuccessFactors instance. 

Hope this helps!

Cheryl Powers

while true it wants you to revise the item now, and reassign if the content changed significantly, you can get around this by changing the content URL on the launch method tab of the original content object to the new html URL for the new upload replacement. copy/paste the content URL of the new object (launch method tab) to the old object's content URL (launch method). the users complete don't have to be reassigned, and the ones that access the course for the first time, will be redirected to the new content.

Cheryl Powers

addressing what you stated that this was never the case with scorm 1.2: I don't believe it is because of the scorm version you're choosing. It's that the SuccessFactors LMS admin tool was changed significantly two years ago, and now highly suggests that you to do a revision of the item when if you're going to remove old content package (regardless of scorm version) and add new content package. It wants you to revise the item especially if the content change was significant enough to force users who previously completed, to re-do retrain on the new content by reassigning. Also, by not revising the item, you lose QLD reporting on previous completions of old content which may be another reason SF suggests to revise the item. WHen we have simple changes like a typo fix or sentence add, we use a redirect method on the launch URL - see reply to Daniel.

Cheryl Powers
 See screenshots below. 2nd_Screenshot_Content_Objects_URL_redirect shows the V2 URL copied into the V1 content object ID.
  • upload new package
  • after the upload succeeds, search for the content object of new uploaded package 
  • Navigate to launch method tab of that new content object
  • copy the entire address of the content url of new content object
  • search for the old original content object ID if you know it, or go to the item's content tab to access the old content object
  • Select the launch method tab of the old content object ID, highlight the entire content URL address, and paste over it with the new object ID's content URL address.