Updating SCORM Source Code to make course more accessible

Dec 21, 2022


I have created multiple eLearning courses for a client who has strict accessibility requirements for their training. One of these requirements is that the project be published as SCORM packages. As a result, our team has been using SCORM cloud to test and review the published project. In addition, to meet the accessibility requirements our published project links (SCORM cloud links) were submitted to a 3rd party in order to assess any accessibility issues that have not been addressed in our training. The issue that has arisen is that the 3rd party's recommended remediations to the issues pointed out are to update the html code of the project. Which after researching online is not possible. As a result, my team is trying to figure out how can specific html edits be made to the .story file within Storyline? It seems there is limited customizability within some aspects of the player and other specific components from when Storyline compiles to a SCORM package. Might anyone have any guidance or insight to share on this? Or any idea how we can approach to making these edits?


Thank you,


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Elaine, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

We currently do not provide support for editing of published Articulate content. I'll let other members of the community chime in so they can share their experiences with editing published courses to make them more accessible. 

With that being said, would you be willing to provide us with more information regarding the accessibility changes that you're trying to make to your courses? There might be a way to make those changes to your courses before publishing them. Here's a helpful article on making accessible Storyline 360 courses for your reference: