Customers often tell us how much they love starting their day with a little gift from Articulate in the form of cool new features that seem to appear like magic. Brand-new timesavers and resources can instantly make your day better. It makes our day better, too, knowing we’re giving you helpful updates to streamline your work, boost productivity, and build amazing courses for your learners. 

Since the start of 2023, we’ve been on a roll—adding 128 powerful new features to Articulate 360. With so much rapid innovation in such a short time, it can be hard to appreciate how much Articulate 360 has evolved. 

That’s why we assembled the following list of app improvements to explore. We hope it helps you see the scope of our commitment to evolving our products for you—and that you feel the e-learning love we’re pouring into every new feature. 

So take a look back, app by app, and marvel at how far we’ve come together. 

Storyline 360

Global Notes Formatting

Save time and create more cohesive courses with global notes formatting. You can choose styles like font color, size, or paragraph spacing and apply your formatting selections across all the slide notes in your project.

Built-in Console for Finding JavaScript Errors

Skip the step of publishing your course to test out JavaScript triggers. Instead, save time by using the built-in console to troubleshoot your projects right in Storyline 360.

Emphasis Animations

Grab the attention of your learners with captivating animations like pulsing and teetering to add emphasis and bring your slide objects to life. 

64-Bit Version of Storyline

Harness the processing power in modern computers with a 64-bit version of Storyline 360. Large, media-rich courses benefit from increased stability and faster performance.

Video Playback Speed

Let learners explore at their own pace by choosing a course playback speed between 0.25x and 2x.

Closed Captioning

Boost video accessibility by including closed captions when publishing projects as MP4 video files.

Adaptive Streaming Video

With streaming video support, deliver video content to all learners, regardless of their internet speed.

Accessible Feedback Layers

Empower learners with accessible question feedback layers that meet color, contrast, and focus guidelines by default.

Publish Storyline 360 Courses to Reach 360

Publish Storyline 360 courses directly to Reach 360—a lightweight distribution tool to deploy your e-learning content to more learners, including deskless workers, contractors, and customers.

Video Transcripts

Generate synchronized video transcripts from closed captions so visual content is accessible to all learners, including those who rely on screen readers, use braille displays, or prefer to read.

Background Audio

Create immersive experiences with continuous background audio that sets the tone and keeps learners engaged. Learners can turn off background audio if they prefer.

In-App Review Comments

Speed the review process and never miss crucial feedback with in-app comments. Review 360 comments appear in context as you’re working in Storyline 360, so you can act on stakeholder feedback immediately. Reply to comments and resolve them in real time as you create content. Add images from comments to training with a single click.

Cloud Backup

Access your Storyline 360 project files from anywhere and share them with team members by uploading your source files to Review 360. Rest easy knowing your projects are backed up, making previous versions easy to recover.

Improved File Autorecovery

Fix project files that won’t open with the help of strengthened Storyline 360 recovery capabilities.

Live Caption Support in Google Chrome

Make use of live captions while taking Storyline 360 courses in Google Chrome.

Updated Default Fonts

Access the latest versions of several fonts that get installed with Storyline 360.

Enhanced Player Properties

Enjoy easier access to the modern player controls (play/pause, volume, etc.) and player tabs (menu, glossary, etc.) now that they’re all left-aligned. 

Streaming Video Support for Videos in 360° Images

Make use of the streaming video feature for videos in 360° images.

Create Time-Based Triggers

Create time-based triggers in minutes and seconds instead of having to convert values to seconds only.

Feedback Master

Quickly apply a feedback master to multiple question slides simultaneously.

Upgraded Embedded Version of Chromium

Benefit from Chromium 112.0.5615.165 in Storyline 360.

Insert Web Videos

Insert web videos using relative paths.

High-Res Animated GIFs

Give learners the best visual experience possible with high-resolution animated GIF support.

Wrap Text

Ensure text in data-entry fields wraps more easily using the wrap text option instead of having to increase the height to be more than 60 pixels.

Optional “Lost Connectivity” Alert

Let your learners know when they lose their connection with this optional alert you can turn on in the player properties.

Faster Trigger Wizard Performance on Macs

Enjoy better trigger wizard performance on M-series Macs.

Set Your Cover Photo To Fill the Player Frame

Easily set your cover photo to fill the player frame in the player properties.

Screen Recording on Primary and Secondary Monitors

Record your screen on primary and secondary monitors with DPI settings over 100%.

Full-Screen Storyline Block Display

Display Storyline blocks in Rise 360 full screen on mobile devices when player controls are turned off.

Display Crisp Text and Images

Display crisp text and images in embedded web objects by unchecking the scaling option.

Background Audio in Video Output

Include background audio in published video output.

Turn Player Navigation Elements On or Off

Control how learners navigate submitted quiz questions by turning player navigation elements on or off.

Neural Voices

Generate realistic, natural-sounding text-to-speech narration with neural voices.

New Neural Voices (US English)

Enjoy two new English (US) neural voices options, Danielle and Gregory, for text-to-speech conversion.

Icons and Text Displayed in Player

For new projects that use the modern player, navigation buttons now display both icons and text by default. You can still switch to just icons or text instead.

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Support

Unlock new possibilities for text-to-speech audio. Use SSML to adjust the speaking rate, modify pronunciation, emphasize words, add pauses, and more.

Fixed Positions for Modern Player Controls

Make it even easier for learners to interact with your course thanks to fixed control positions at the bottom of the player.

Text Wrapping Easier

Benefit from an improved user interface for text-wrapping options in text-entry fields.

Enhanced Button Accessibility

Provide learners with a more accessible experience now that the Back to Top and Skip Navigation buttons and the volume slider meet color contrast guidelines.

Control Background Audio With Triggers

Control the background audio for each slide using triggers to play, pause, or stop the playlist.

Tooltips Available

Display tooltips that are accessible to mouse, keyboard, and screen reader users automatically using the built-in player controls and navigation buttons.

Fine-Tune Background Audio

Customize the background audio experience even further by fine-tuning the volume with a percentage-based variable.

Rise 360


Deliver bite-size, single-objective content with the microlearning feature

Turn Off the Cover Page

Turn off the cover page when you publish for LMS to improve compatibility, streamline training, and get learners into content faster. 

Theme Color Contrast

Use theme color contrast to instantly ensure training content meets accessible color handling requirements for learners with low vision. 

Turn Off Lesson Headers

Turn off lesson headers to provide a more focused learning experience.

Reply To and Resolve Review 360 Comments

Reply to and resolve Review 360 comments from within Rise 360 and add suggested images with a single click. 

Block Contrast Settings

Automatically adjust the contrast of text and graphics at the block level or select your own contrast with block contrast settings

Enhanced Block Settings

Customize your blocks with distinctive backgrounds and easily adjust padding options with enhanced block settings.

Team Folders

Create shared team folders to organize your team’s content, assign permissions, and invite collaborators.

Enhanced Dashboard Management

Organize and keep track of what’s important to you more easily with the enhanced dashboard.

New Real Content Course Templates

Get even more great content out to learners fast with new additions to our library of real content course templates. In 2023 we added new courses and microlearning experiences on topics like exercise, forming healthy habits, Black History Month, discussing disabilities in the workplace, and more!

New Placeholder Content Course Templates

Jump-start course creation with even more placeholder content course templates. New additions include course outlines on equity compensation conversations and sales order management processes.

Publish Rise 360 Courses to Reach 360

Publish Rise 360 courses directly to Reach 360—an add-on to Articulate 360 that lets you quickly distribute training, enroll learners, and track their progress.

Specify an Admin When Publishing to Reach 360

Get the right eyes on your course when publishing it to Reach 360 by selecting a specific admin to notify from a searchable drop-down menu.

Quote Block Accessibility Improvements

Give all your learners a better experience with accessibility improvements for quote blocks.

WCAG 2.1 Conformant Process Blocks

Include process blocks in your accessible courses now that they’re WCAG 2.1 conformant with improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support.

Translate Labels for Screen Readers

Broaden your impact and enhance accessibility by translating screen reader labels into other languages.

Added Labels for Sidebar Progress Indicator

Enhance localization and accessibility with labels for sidebar progress indicator tooltips.

Default Text Color

Improve accessibility conformance on new courses without lifting a finger by leaving the default text color, which is now true black.

Skip Video Compression

Add _NOPROCESS_ to a video file name to skip compression when uploading it to your course.

Exported Training Destinations

Quickly select a destination for your exported training with the Rise 360 dashboard publish menu.

Cover Page Overlay Setting

Use the Overlay setting to preserve both image clarity and text readability by choosing a light or dark translucent overlay for your cover photo that automatically maximizes text contrast.

Links in Button and Button Stack Blocks

Use relative links in button and button stack blocks to link to training within your subdomain.

Theme Color Selector

Use the Theme setting in the block element color picker to quickly select your training’s theme color.

Logo Size Options 

Crop your logo to decrease white space and increase its size to customize your cover page branding.

Quiz and Labeled Graphics No Longer Animate

Protect those with motion disorders automatically now that quiz and labeled graphics items no longer animate when learners enable reduced motion settings on their devices.

Rise 360 Images Marked as Decorative by Default

Mark images as decorative automatically when you leave alt text for an image blank so it’s ignored by screen readers.

Block Background Images Randomly Selected

Enjoy a wider variety of default block background images now that they’re randomly selected on a block-by-block basis.

Progression Arrows Remain Visible on Zoom

Give all learners a better experience now that labeled graphic progression arrows remain visible when zoomed in or viewed on a mobile device.

Split Block Design Menu

Apply design settings to blocks more easily now that we’ve split the block design menu into two new menus: Style and Format. 

Updated Placeholder Content Templates

Enjoy the new and improved placeholder content templates, a makeover where you’ll notice that the “lorem ipsum” text has been replaced with instructional and sample content. To improve accessibility, we’ve removed italicized formatting. We’ve also updated block design throughout the templates to take advantage of recent Rise 360 formatting enhancements.

Linked Block Padding

Add a custom value for top and bottom block padding at the same time using the linked padding option.

4k Video Support

Boost course video quality with the ability to upload 4k videos to Rise 360.

Content Library 360

New Prebuilt Course on Women’s History

Help your learners honor the past and help shape the future with our latest ready-to-go Rise 360 course, “Honoring Herstory During Women’s History Month.

Eight New Illustrated Characters

Enhance your projects and improve representation with eight versatile illustrated characters: Eduardo, Camila, Mike, Shanae, Don, Wren, Chloe, and Theresa. 

Thousands of New Images

Find the perfect royalty-free photos for your online training even more easily with the addition of hundreds of thousands more high-resolution images from Pexels

Review 360

Request Review

Keep your team on track without the hassle of spreadsheets or phone calls thanks to the request review feature. Send and track requests for specific stakeholders to review a content item right from Review 360. With email notifications, due dates, visible statuses, and completion buttons, you’ll never miss another deadline. 

Team Folders

Create shared team folders in Review 360 to organize your content, assign permissions, and invite collaborators. You can even allow multiple authors to publish new versions of a course to the same Review 360 project.

Comments Only Allowed on Current Versions of Courses

Keep teams in sync by preventing stakeholders from accidentally adding new comments to old versions of a content item. 

Enhanced Dashboard

Quickly and intuitively organize your Review 360 dashboard with nested folders, subfolder breadcrumbs, an action toolbar, and more project management efficiencies. You can even multi-select items and folders, then move them in bulk. Learn more about the enhanced dashboard.

Review Status Labels

Allow stakeholders to reset their status after completing a review for more flexibility.

Send Bulk Review Requests

Send a request to multiple reviewers simultaneously by copying and pasting their email addresses in bulk.

Text-Formatting Toolbar in Request Review

Send engaging review request messages with the new text-formatting toolbar.

Content Privacy Settings

Control access to your content by making your Review 360 items private while still allowing invited stakeholders to offer feedback.

Reach 360

Launch of Reach 360 

Deliver training to more learners easily with Reach 360, a frictionless LMS that integrates with Articulate 360.

Reach 360 Starter Plan

Distribute your courses to 300 learners a year for no additional cost with the Reach 360 Starter Plan.

Assign Managers

Streamline your training management process by assigning managers to groups in your organization. Managers can invite and remove learners, assign training, and view reports for their assigned groups.

Group Self-Registration

Simplify learner management by generating a sign-up link that automatically adds your learners into a group.

API Integrations

Use the Reach 360 API to build custom integrations with your business systems, giving your team access to valuable training and data where they need it most.

Connect Reach 360 and Zapier

Automate your work and streamline your productivity by adding Reach 360 to your Zapier workflows (currently in beta).

Custom Domain

Brand your Reach 360 URL with a custom domain you own.

Owner Role

The purchaser of your Articulate 360 Teams subscription is now listed as the Owner in Reach 360.

Improved Group Member Lists

Improve performance with paginated group member lists that display 50 members per page.

Bulk Delete Learners

Use true “select all” to bulk delete learners, even every learner, from your Reach 360 account.

Active Learner Usage Report

At a glance, see how many users have logged in to your Reach 360 account with the active learner usage report.

Bulk Delete Members

Bulk delete members, even every member, from a group with “select all.” 

Bulk Import

Bulk import and delete group members via CSV.

Connect With Slack

Connect Reach 360 and Slack so you can share course previews and get in-app training notifications.

Share Content With QR Code

Share specific training items directly with learners via URL or QR code.

Learning Path QR Code

Give users access to a learning path directly—and self-register as a new learner if necessary—with a QR code.

Self-Registration QR Code

Allow users to self-register as new learners or group members using a QR code.

Custom Certificates

Create and manage custom certificates.

SSO for Learners

Enable SSO for your Reach 360 learners directly from your Reach 360 settings.

Manage Groups and Users With SSO

Use SSO to manage learners and groups, allowing them to access training using one set of log-in credentials quickly.

Users API Endpoint

Delete users from training with this Users API endpoint.

Reach 360 API Quiz Data Enhancement

Include quiz data in the course completed event type for Webhook Events in the Reach 360 API.

Sortable Activity Report Column

Quickly check completion status with a sortable column in the activity report

Separate Admins for Reach 360

Enjoy more organizational options by defining separate admins for Reach 360.

Enhanced User Role Management

Streamline Reach 360 user management to include learners and admins only

Reporter Access

Delegate training analytics by assigning reporters who only have access to detailed reports for specific groups of learners.

Custom Certificate Settings

Select a custom certificate to be the default certificate for your Reach 360 training.

Default Direct Sharing

Direct sharing is enabled by default for all new content published to your Reach 360 library.

Articulate 360 Teams

Retain Shared Content

Maintain control over shared content when a member leaves the team.

Articulate 360 Desktop App

Improved Error Reporting

Resolve issues faster with updated error reporting.



With loads of exciting new updates rolling out all the time, Articulate 360 apps are always evolving to meet your needs. To see what we’re working on next, check out our feature roadmap page or join the conversation in E-Learning Heroes for all the latest Articulate 360 buzz, including tips, tricks, and how-tos. 

Want to try out some of these features but don’t have Articulate 360 just yet? Start a free 30-day trial, and come back to E-Learning Heroes regularly for more helpful advice on everything related to e-learning.

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