updating SL1 exported projects

Sep 08, 2016

have bunch (500+) of SL1 projects which I would like to update with the latest SL1 player_compiled.js and player.css. If I just write a script to batch replace the mentioned files - should there be any problem with the content?

reason I am replacing the files are:

- chrome 44 support

- IE fonts

- hiding ipad play button

- fixing ipad double keypress with fill in quizes

Did I miss any SL1 "hack"?


What would be the quickest way to "upgrade" my SL1 projects into SL2?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Sebastjan,

Thanks for reaching out here! We don't support making any edits to the published output. In order to upgrade your courses, you'll have to open the Storyline 1 project file in Storyline 2. When you do, you'll be prompted to upgrade the course to Storyline 2. Check out these FAQ's for reference. There's no feature to bulk upgrade courses from SL1 to SL2, but that's a great suggestion and I encourage you to share your thoughts with out product development team by way of this feature request form

sebastjan f

I know you dont support editing SL1 export - but community does a great job here :)

SL1 had so many "features" (named few above) there is no way you can just use published output without "tweaking" the complied_player.js at least a bit.

Glad you like my idea regarding the bulk upgrade - feel free to share it with your team :)

Ali Goulet

Thanks again for your insights Sebastjan, they're very much appreciated. I went ahead and submitted a feature request on your behalf for the bulk upgrading idea. I'll have to defer to the community for assistance in the edits you're looking to do to the published output but you're right, our community definitely has some wizards. :) Hopefully one will be able to pop in with suggestions! 

sebastjan f

I already googled the community  solutions to my problems:

- ipad play button ( https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/remove-ipad-detect )
- IE fonti ( https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/text-not-displaying-properly-in-ie-11 )
- double click ipad (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/double-character-text-entry-ipad-safari )

Those are all proven working solutions.

My original question/concern is:

- if I take the latest SL1 player_compiled.js file

- tweak it using the above linked community sugestions

- then batch - copy the altered player_compiled.js file into my already published Sl1 projects (500+) - whose were published with different SL1 versions

- and leaving all other files as they were when originally exported -

Will the exports (structure, feedbacks, graphics, fonts, ...) still work? 

Opening, publishing, ftp-ing to the server - is no fun with 500+ courses.. looking for quick fix :)

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