Upgrade to Storyline 2 - Issue with Next Button

Aug 17, 2015


I just upgraded my course from Storyline 1 to Storyline 2. All other features upgraded seamlessly; however, I am having a weird issue with one of the triggers. I want users to be able to click the Next button and continue to the next slide without having to wait for the timeline to end. I have the Player Trigger set as: Jump to next slide, When the user clicks the next button. This worked just fine in Storyline 1, but I have to wait for the timeline to end to be able to click the Next button in Storyline 2. Does anyone know a fix for this or why this might be the case?

Thank you,

- Hiba

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Hiba Ismeail

Never mind, I found the solution to my issue!

After posting this discussion and looking at the related content on the right-hand side, I was directed to a brilliant work-around clearly documented by Bobbi. Check it out here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/sl2-restricted-menu-navigation-and-next-button-solution-workaround

Thanks Bobbi!

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