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Sam Carter

Thanks Alyssa,

The chart suggests that SL2 in the SL360 product line is actually leaving stand-alone SL2 behind. If that is the message, it would be helpful to us to say it clearly.

As I understand it, if we want to keep up with SL2 enhancements, they will only be available in the SL360 package.

Is that correct, or will SL2 enhancements be coming out in future releases?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cynthia,

Our team is hard at work on Storyline 3 and we'll share information with you on release date as soon as we can! If you'd like to talk to our Success team they can walk you through purchasing options now and any other questions you have about the differences of Storyline 2, 360 and upcoming Storyline 3.