Upgraded to S2 and I can't open files from S1


I've upgraded to S2 last week and removed S1 from my system. Now I can't open any projects that were built in S1. They have all changed to PDF files with no option to open them in S2. My operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit), which from what I read meets the requirements.

Can anyone offer any information on what's wrong or how I can open old S1 files in S2?

Thanks, Ann

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Ann Evans

Hi Emily,

Thank you for the reply. When I search for the .story files they all show they are in PDF or what looks to be PDF.

When I double click the file to open it, I get an Adobe Acrobat message.

I've also tried "Open With..." and Storyline is not an option.

So I opened S2 and browsed for the project. When I clicked on it, it finally uploaded into S2. I re-saved it (Save As) and changed the file name, but it is still showing as a PDF type of document. When opening it from the folder, I get the same Acrobat message as above. In S1 you could always open the folder and open the file. Has this changed?

Emily Ruby

Hello Ann!

It seems that the files may have changed somehow, or their default program changed while you switched to SL2, did you uninstall SL1 before installing SL2?

You should be able to click them right from the folder, however if Acrobat is opening, that is what they are defaulted to. You can go through the option you mentioned, open SL2, and search for file, or you could change the default program by right clicking, open with, then choose default program:

The next screen will give you the option to browser for a new program:

Hope this helps!