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Brian Allen

Hello Greg,

SumTotal works well with Articulate from our experience.

If you or your client are using anything but the newest version of SumTotal you (or your client) will want to follow the steps outlined here to disable the SumTotal content player - http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=st1&id=v74yshcu3rgt

If you need to control the size of your presentation, you will want to make sure that the height and width dimensions from the help article match your presentation, plus 50 or 60 pixels, give or take a few.  One setting that I use is the one where you can have the player automatically resize the browser on launch to the optimal viewing size, which does away with the need to be exact on the height / width settings in the imsmanifest document settings.

There is also currently a but in Storyline that will cause it to send a status of "Passed" rather than "Complete", even though you have selected Completed/Incomplete in your publish settings.  From what I understand Articulate is working on a fix for this.

Hope this helps, let me know if you'd like to chat more!

Oswaldo Villoch

I am having issues publishing Articulate courses (Studio 13 and Storyline)  to SumTotal 2013.  The courses work well when viewed on Internet Explorer but when viewed on the iPad the courses are too big for the screen and the course player gets cut off.  Any suggestions on how to publish courses to SumTotal 2013 for optimal viewing on the iPad?

Ashley Terwilliger

HI Oswaldo, 

There is a known issue with our QA team right now in regards to LMSs which display the content within an iFrame is displaying incorrectly within the iPad. Our team is looking into the issue, but since every LMS player is different its' also worth checking with your LMS team to see if there is a way to force it not to display within an iFrame. For example, I know a number of Moodle users have shared that the most recent update to Moodle allows for a change in this behavior. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Oswaldo,

My apologies it looks like we missed this post when sharing the news, but update 6 of Storyline was released on July 24 and that included a fix for content displaying in an iFrame. You'll still want to test and verify within your LMS and so far we've heard good results from everyone,.

Please feel free to let us know how this works for you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ann, 

Does SumTotal not support HTML5? If so, you could look at not including that as an option when publishing by unselecting the "publish to HTML5" as shown here:


You may also want to reach out to your SumTotal team to see if there is something specific you need to do to publish for use within an HTML5 device.

Natasha Bomba

Slightly different question but related to SumTotal LMS. If a learner exits the assessment mid way (on the feedback layer) they are returned to the same question if they go back into the course where they left off. This give them the opportunity to do the last question again--meaning that the question is reported twice to the LMS. We need to keep the bookmarking option and we need to allow learners to retake the course (which works fine). Is there a variable that will send them to the next slide if they return to the course? Or better yet, not allow them to submit again unless they are starting over from the Retake button? I believe my unscored freeform questions change the Submit button to a Next button if they try to go back to them. Am I missing something simple here? Thanks

Natasha Bomba

Hi. It's difficult to say because I can't test outside of our organization. Firewalls prevent me from uploading to SCORM cloud.

But I have noticed the same behaviour when publishing to for the wed, exiting, then coming back into the assessment. It brings me back to the last question but doesn't keep my last answer which means I can answer it again.

Does someone have an idea for a variable that I could input to fix this? Or a variable to reset the score to 0 if the learner exits? Or a variable that will always bring the learner back to the intro page of the assessment if they exit on one of the assessment slides?

Natasha Bomba

Ok. I've created a test file from a separate course. This actually seems like an SL2 issue rather than SumTotal. When I test it in my browser the same thing happens. If you exit on a correct/incorrect layer, then resume the course, it brings you back to the same question. This means you get the opportunity to answer the same question twice and the result is doubled on the LMS.