Uploading Storyline project to LMS

I have been successfully using Articulate (Presenter) with my LMS (Skillsoft) with no issues.  I have now published my first Storyline project and we having issues getting it to run on the LMS.  This was just a straight Scorm publish, no HTML5 etc. 

Has this type of issue been faced by anyone else?  Cause?



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Michael Hales


First thank you for your response.  In the span of this 2 hours I have been able to work with the IT team ofr my LMS provider and get the issue resolved.  With this being the first Storyline project I was very concerned that there might be some kind of a compatability issue....but that proved to not be the case.

As to your questions.  I published in Scorm 1.2. The LMS has supported with no issues (used with all previous Presenter based projects) 

Thanks again for getting with me on this.

Michael Hales

Actually this issue is not resolved and has happened again.  I have a failure to upload now my second Storyline project to my LMS (Skillsoft).  

I think what I really want to know, is there something different about Storyline publishing (other than HTML5 ability).  I have had no issues in uploading with Articulate presenter 09 on the same LMS.  

Brett Rockwood

I have had similar issues with SL courses not launching from the LMS where I never had an issue with Presenter 09. I'm not sure if we've sorted it out yet but it seems like for my LMS the Title, Identifier and Keywords have to all be the same and the Description field can't be empty when you publish the file. Then in the LMS the Descrition and Requirement fields must match with the data set up in SL. I say I'm not sure if this is sorted out because I have one course where I set the parameters as described and it has worked well, including numerous updates. But some new courses I'm working, set up the same way, are currently not launching.

These are all SCORM 1.2 uploaded as ZIP files to the LMS.

Michael Hales

(just wrote this reply and it disappeared ....try again)

There has not been a difinitive determination as to the cause.  Articulate had me send the file to SCORM Cloud to test.  It uploaded and ran perfect.  So they are happy that the file is good. 

To your concern....the published Storyline file will run in Skillsoft.  We now have 2. (but Skillsoft tech had to upload it)  The issue is that for some reason we are not able to upload ourselves.  Something is stopping the process.  This is very confusing considering the success in uploading Presenter 09 project to Skillsoft.

It may end up being an issue with our systems, computer security or something..  But ....no answer yet.

Kevin Mulvihill

Are you running on a Mac to zip your files, Michael. I've seen issues before where LMSes would only accept zips built on Windows.

I'm having an LMS issue also. I'm trying to load an SL project or two on a SumTotal LMS and it doesn't appear to be SCORM-compliant according to SumTotal. I've tried SCORM 1.2, 2004 and AICC; according to my contact, none are working. In all cases, we get stuck on the Specify File Properties screen, which normally (according to my contact) pre-populates certain fields like "Launch File" and "Launch Method"... this isn't happening, so she's lost. She's able to edit Launch File and I've directed her to use story.html but none of the options given under Launch Method (a dropdown) seem to fit our project (in particular, SCORM isn't listed).

Has anyone else seen this issue or can offer any insights? I would be most appreciative!



Dave Fulle

Hi Suzy,

We are working through the same issue and have calls into Skillsoft. I'll post a resolution when we figure it out. However, the odd part is, we uploaded a SL "course" that consisteted of only 1 slide, which was an MP4 video and we did not have any problems with that "course". Now when we try to upload a course with ~100 slides - a full normal course, we get the error that Candi mentioned.