Urgent Help! Storyline won't publish

Feb 27, 2020


So I have created a large 65mb file with 18 scenes within it. Now when I try to publish to LMS it starts the process but then a window pops up saying Storyline 3 encountered a problem and may close, but it doesn't close it goes back to the publish window.

Below is what I have tried with no success:

  1. The file is on the C drive and I am exporting there too
  2. I have created a new project and imported the content
  3. Tried the CD publish option and same error result
  4. Closed every other program down and looked at memory and CPU use during publish and these are fine
  5. Restarted the PC

Is having so many scenes the problem? I could rearrange things to have fewer if this would help? I need to get this lesson done asap for the client and need help asap, is there a support number or email I can use?

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