Urgent problems after Storyline update 1

Sep 13, 2012

After I made the update 1 for Storyline I now experience 2 problems in my course:

1. The GUI is cut of in the top and the bottom. It seems as the slide master has stretched out for some reason. The course looks fine when edition, but when previewing and published it´s cut in top and bottom.

I have tried deleting and exchanging the slide master without any luck. And the story size is the exact same size as before the update.

2. The buttons has 3 states that I use: normal, hover, selected. In the trigger/state window to the right you can see that I want layer "Vad" to show as selected when the timeline starts and the other ones should be normal. But the buttons "Var", "När" and "Symptom" never changes to selected state when clicked. Only hover works.

And the button "Vad" never changes to normal state when the other buttons are suppose to change to selected.

I have tried making new buttons with the same states (starting over), putting new object on the slide and edit the text but these new objects only show for 1 second and then they disappear from the slide.

Please, please help as this is an critical delivery to my client!

Thank you!


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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Hanna, and welcome to Heroes!

For your Problem Number 1, I recommend taking a look at this Knowledge Base Article, which seems to apply to your situation.

I don't believe I've crossed paths with your Problem Number 2, so for that one, I would recommend that you submit a Support Case.  When you do so, please be certain to include a copy of your .story file.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

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