URL Hyperlink to a PDF File is not Working

I create a hyperlink over the words "CLICK HERE" so that the learner can click to launch a PDF file.  I published the file as a Web output.  The mouse pointer turns to a hand with a finger when I hover over the words "CLICK HERE" but when I click, nothing happens.  In other words, the PDF file does not launch.  The only way I can get this to work is to save the PDF file in the Player as a Resource file.  Any suggestions?

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Sharon Huston

Greg, the easiest way to fix this is to make your trigger only have the file name, as I've shown below, and then publish for web.  After you publish, find the output folder and drop the PDF into the output folder.

The trigger you have currently links to a file on your U drive.  If people are accessing it over a intranet a link like this might work, but if you're publishing to a web server then you need to use a relative URL that describes the path from your Storyline file to the PDF.  These paths usually have slashes and dots in them, something like  ..\..\whatever\whatever\myPDF.pdf.  You can also use an absolute URL, which always starts with http:// and will directly open the file in your web browser.  It might look something like http://www.mycompany.com/folder/folder/myPDF.pdf.  Researching how to write HTML hyperlinks will help you understand the concepts

If you put the PDF into the output folder, then you don't need to build a path or URL directing the browser to it because the file is RIGHT THERE, so Storyline can find and open it.  That's why it's easiest to keep the PDFs in the output folder.

Greg Pierce

Thanks, Sharon.  I never thought about setting the trigger on the file name only and move the actual file to the output folder.  I tested it and it worked just fine. 

Of course, I published to the web, but the actual course will end up being published to our LMS.  Do you know if it should work the same way?  Normally all the files for a specific course within an LMS are placed in a specific folder and only the html file is linked.  So, all I will need to do is place a copy of my actual file in the output folder within the LMS?  In other words, the instructions you gave me should work the same if I am publishing to an LMS?  Just set the trigger on the file name only and move the actual file to the output folder.  Is that correct?

Thanks so much for your help?