URL linking of images

Is there the ability to link to an image file, so that whenever the linked image is modified it would be reflected in SL the next time the slide was viewed or the project was previewed/published. This way I could change the layout/look of course i.e. course control buttons, so if I changed the image on a link - it would update the course?

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Math Notermans

As shown here it works.

So what you basically need...upload your images somewhere you have access to. Use the urls for those images to link your Web Object in Storyline to... and whenever you update your image..it will be updated in your course.

Its also possible to dynamically change images this way as you can see in the sample... but that needs some more knowledge of HTML5 and Javascript so i guess thats too far out of your comfort zone. Main thing to know when using JS for changing it dynamically is how to select your Web Object.

Sample added...

Phil Raw

Thanks Math, I couldn't get the image swop to work. But I was thinking more along the lines of icons for a custom player. So that did work when I re-saved the image, but you can't use triggers on web objects - but you can use hotspots, so it just depends if I can use hotspots to create the trigers I need for the player - like volume control, which I was going to make from a slider.

Thanks for you help.