URL opens and download - blocks the module


I have a module that has links to files on our server.  When I load the module to our LMS and the user run the module, this happens:

1.  Link is opens in a new window and downloads. I don't need it to download. 

2.  The module itself is hidden from the user and the user has to find the module.  

How do I stop the files from downloading and the module hiding?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amy. Depending on the type of file, each browser allows you to choose what to do with attached files. Typically, you can choose whether to view or download them. In Google Chrome, for example, PDFs can be set to download or to view in Advanced > Site Settings.

Let me get some details from you so I can help better:

  • What types of files are they?
  • Does everyone use the same browser to view your courses? If so, which browser?
  • How have you attached them in your course (e.g. jump to file trigger, Resources tab in the Player)?
Amy Pennington

Thanks for responding.

The file are either PDFs, Word or Excel documents.  

It could be IE or Chrome.  

Yes, I have attached them to the course via a jump trigger.  

I played with the Browser settings and got one pdf to open on top of the module.  

The biggest is issue is that the Module disappears and the user will have issues trying to locate it.

If you want the file, it's large and I will need to load it privately. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

As Crystal mentioned, it's up to each browser and an individuals browser settings on how files will open and/or download immediately. There may be something you could force within a Javascript trigger, but that's a bit outside our area of expertise, so I'll leave it in the hands of folks in the E-Learning Heroes community!