Links to Word files won't open in resources from Chrome

Jan 13, 2021

Some users cannot open links to Word files when they are set to open as downloads as opposed to them opening in a new tab/browser window. I have read through previous discussion and learned that the this is often controlled by the browser and not something you can set within Storyline.

To insert the link, I copy the link address from our intranet site and paste it in Storyline's resources URL entry field.

During our self test, when the end user selects the link from the resources in the course, the course browser shrinks and the transcript page in our LMS pops up but the download pane at the bottom with the word file never appears.  If however, they click on the link directly the from the intranet site (the exact same link that's pasted into Storyline) the download pane opens at the bottom and they are able to open the Word file. Since the only difference is that they can't open the link when it's pasted into Storyline, it seems like the issue has something to do with Storyline.  I am hoping someone can advise on how to fix this issue and/or what browser setting to change in Chrome.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Sarah,

You may be referring to browser settings where a link will open in a new window vs. a new tab, and not necessarily a download option per this discussion here:

Webpage/PDF Launching in New Tab Rather than New Window

I'm curious about what result you get when you use the Test option in Storyline when adding the resource?

You may consider testing the files in a different environment, such as SCORM Cloud, to see if you get different results. Our support team can also lend a hand with this. Feel free to share your file with them using this link here.


Sarah Frederick

Hi Ren, thanks for your reply. I am not referring to a link opening in a new window or tab.  The link is to a download. When the end-user selects the link they should see the download bar at the bottom of their screen as shown in the image below. From this bar, they should be able to open the file.  When I used the TEST button on the Add Resource window, the link works. When I publish the course and preview it locally, the link works, but in SCORM Cloud or on our LMS it fails to work in Chrome. Any further ideas?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the clarification. What are you seeing in your LMS? You mentioned: the course browser shrinks and the transcript page in our LMS pops up.

You mentioned that this issue happens in SCORM Cloud as well, so we'd be happy to take a look. With your permission, please share your project file. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Sarah Frederick

Thank you for the follow-up. You won't be able to test the course since the link is on an intranet site.  For clarification, I determined that when the link is selected, the course window shrinks.  So whatever is open on the desktop displays (which is usually the LMS site that launched the course).