Use of Next and Previous Buttons

Jun 29, 2016


We have used customized "NEXT" and "PREVIOUS" buttons in our course. The client asked us to add END of Module slide. Adding that slide resulted in the addition of "Next" and "Previous"  buttons that are typical of storyline.

Now, the client wants us to remove those "Next" and "Previous" buttons and use the correct arrows.

Client comment: The < Prev and Next > buttons are not correct in this template, bring back the correct backward arrow and slide listing for the template.

Please find attached the screenshots with customized "Next" and "Previous" buttons . Also, please find attached the screenshot from which we have to remove the screenshot.






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Steve VE

I am assuming that the custom next and previous buttons are on a master slide. If this is the case, apply that master slide to your end slide. If the buttons are on individual slides just copy and paste them from another slide.

To get rid of the storyline buttons go to Story View, select the end slide, and look at "Slide Properties" on the lower right of the screen. The Slide navigation controls can be turned off there.

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